Bloom with Pandora Garden

Create your own bouquet with jewellery from the Pandora Garden collection.

Time to bloom in the Pandora Garden

Surround yourself with blooms this season and design a bouquet of jewelry. Mix and match nature-inspired pieces from the Pandora Garden collection and envelop yourself with symbols of the season of new beginnings.


The daisy is a dainty yet powerful flower that thrives everywhere. It serves as a reminder that you can be both strong and beautiful.

Flower power

Let your creativity blossom with the daisy reimagined in pink tones and Pandora Rose™. Add floral charms to your Pandora O Pendant or create an impactful look with rows of daisy charms stacked on your bracelet. You can also keep it low key with a couple flower rings on your fingers.

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The Pandora Garden comes alive

Completing the garden theme are symbols of renewal and community, like the dragonfly and the bee. Powerful on their own, style these hand-finished charms your way.

Bring Pandora Garden into your look with daisy-inspired charms and earrings.
Pink Daisy Flower Stud Earrings
Pink Daisy Flower Charm
Pink Daisy Flower Dangle Charm
Pink Daisy Flower Trio Ring
Sparkling Daisy Flower Crown Ring
Sparkling Daisy Flower Crown Ring
Openwork Pink Daisy Flower Charm
Sparkling Pink Daisy Flower Charm
Pavé Daisy Flower Collier Necklace
Sparkling Daisy Flower Bracelet
Daisy Flower Safety Chain Charm
Pandora Moments Daisy Flower Clasp Snake Chain Bracelet