Something about you for 20 years

We thank you

For 20 years, you’ve collected our charms to say something about you and in doing so, you’ve become the heart of Pandora. This year, we celebrated by asking you to be our voice, too. Over 3000 of you from across the world shared the memorable firsts connected with the Pandora charms you treasure. We are honored that you choose our jewelry to remind you of these special moments in your life. For this, we say thank you for being the Voices of Pandora.

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Musing on memorable firsts

Discover the memorable firsts of our Pandora Muses and the charms that remind them of these moments.

Be our voice - Here's how

Share your story of a memorable first in your life connected to your favorite Pandora charm or Pandora Moments charm bracelet. Add your photo here or on Instagram by tagging #VoicesofPandora and @theofficialpandora in the caption for the chance to be featured! 

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My moments, my memories with Pandora super fans

Women from all around the world have fallen in love with their Pandora Moments charm bracelet and the idea of wearing their precious memories on their wrists. Discover why here.

Through their eyes

Inspiring women from your part of the world are also taking part in Voices of Pandora. Discover the memorable firsts they're reminded of with their favorite charms.