Pandora My True Colors

Something about you, in color

Blue like the sky or your favorite jeans? Red like roses or your first car? No matter what meaning each color holds, tell the world something about you with the Pandora My True Colors collection. 

Shades of you

Whatever your hobbies or passions, we all associate colors with our favorite things. Choose the shades that represent the loves in your life and let them tell your story.

Stack the hues that match your mood, outfit or memories.

Distinctively Purely Pandora

The Pandora My True Colors stacking rings feature the signature Purely Pandora beaded design that peaks in a single colored stone. Create unique combinations with coordinating shades or build your own rainbow.  

Tonal stacking

Assigning meaning to each color is incredibly personal. Whether purple reminds you of lavender fields or deep red represents the loyal love you have for your family, your ring stack is only complete when you bring your identity into it.