Leo jewelry

What's your star sign?

Code red: Leo season has arrived

Confident and charming, Leos are the star of any show. Natural-born leaders, their infectious positivity shines bright, just like July’s go-to colour — red. These radiant red charms have your back and can supercharge your style with good vibes. For centuries, the colour red has represented mystical and medicinal qualities to invoke and amplify healing, protection and rejuvenation. And even if you're not a Leo, you can still wear red!

Leo zodiac styles

Leo season is officially here. Give your sign a whole new meaning with personalised styles that bring good energy. From zodiac dangle charms to matching fire sign designs and colourful celestial pieces, let the stars guide your style this month and beyond.


Words of wisdom

Show who you are without saying a word. Wear your story on your sleeve with letter charms that do the talking.


Let your inner lion shine

Powerful. Brave. Protective. Three words that describe Leos. Why not symbolize your fire sign with Leo zodiac jewelry that represents strength and courage, just like your spirit animal?

Symbolize your strength

How to style Leo jewelry

Welcome to the “mane” event. With a lion as their symbol, Leos like to be in the spotlight. That’s why these social butterflies love a statement piece, like our 14k gold-plated Leo zodiac dangle charm. To match your fun-loving, confident and charming personality, layer in matching fire sign charms — think Aries and Sagittarius. Finish it off with lion symbols, birthstone-inspired pieces, zodiac letters and red charms to elevate your collection.