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  • 789036C00
    Pandora Logo & Crown O Charm Silver
    Pandora Logo & Crown O Charm Rose Gold
    Pandora Logo & Crown O Charm
  • 788822C01
    Sparkling Family Tree Clip Charm
  • 788824C01
    Openwork Woven Infinity Charm Silver
    Openwork Woven Infinity Charm Rose Gold
    Openwork Woven Infinity Charm
  • 781972C01
    Pink Sparkling Row Clip Charm Silver
    Pink Sparkling Row Clip Charm Rose Gold
    Available in 2 colors
    Pink Sparkling Row Clip Charm
  • 788487C01
    Blue and Clear Sparkle Charm Silver
    Pink & Clear Sparkle Charm Rose Gold
    Pink & Clear Sparkle Charm
  • 788775C01
    Blue Daisy Flower Charm Silver
    Pink Daisy Flower Charm Rose Gold
    Pink Daisy Flower Charm
  • 788692C01
    Sparkling Freehand Heart Charm Silver
    Sparkling Freehand Heart Charm Rose Gold
    Sparkling Freehand Heart Charm
  • 788684C01
    Pavé Heart Clip Charm Silver
    Pavé Heart Clip Charm Rose Gold
    Pavé Heart Clip Charm
  • 788679C00
    Beaded Openwork Charm Silver
    Beaded Openwork Charm Rose Gold
    Beaded Openwork Charm
  • 788702C01
    Kiss Pavé Charm
  • 786592CZSMX
    Pink Family Tree Dangle Charm Silver
    Tree of Love Dangle Charm Rose Gold
    Tree of Love Dangle Charm
  • 787200C00
    Spiritual Dreamcatcher Charm Silver
    Spiritual Dreamcatcher Charm Rose Gold
    Spiritual Dreamcatcher Charm
  • 787970EN160
    Pink Ladybird Clip Charm
  • 787897
    Polished Flower Clip Charm
  • 787516
    Beaded Open Heart Charm Silver
    Beaded Open Heart Charm Rose Gold
    Beaded Open Heart Charm
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