Pandora People collection

Family forever and always
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  • 798016EN160
    Little Girl Charm
  • 798014EN190
    Grandma Charm
  • 791946PCZ
    Sister Heart Charm
  • 799187C01
    Out of stock
    Double Heart Split Dangle Charm
  • 787608NPM
    Out of stock
    Sparkling Pink Heart Charm
  • 797239EN169
    Out of stock
    Available in 2 colors
    Elephant and Blue Balloon Dangle Charm
  • 787017NPO
    Out of stock
    Happy Dangle Charm
  • 792106EN23
    Family Tree Hearts Charm - FINAL SALE
    $75.00 $51.99

Carry your love for your family

In the Pandora People collection, the ageless love of generations is captured with sweet and intricate details that bring the charms in this collection to life. Primarily made of sterling silver, added pops of colorful enamel give life-like details to each hand-finished charm. Wear them wherever you go.