Pandora People
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  • 791811
    Filigree and Beaded Heart Charm Silver
    Filigree and Beaded Heart Charm Rose Gold
    Filigree & Beaded Heart Charm Gold
    Filigree and Beaded Heart Charm
  • 798692C01
    Sparkling Freehand Heart Charm Silver
    Sparkling Freehand Heart Charm Rose Gold
    Sparkling Freehand Heart Charm
  • 791880CZ
    Entwined Hearts Charm Silver
    Entwined Hearts Charm Rose Gold
    Entwined Hearts Charm
  • 798897C00
    Boy Teenager Charm
  • 792102CZ
    Baby Pram Charm
  • 791946PCZ
    Sister Heart Charm
  • 198696C00
    Freehand Hearts Ring Silver
    Freehand Hearts Ring Rose Gold
    Freehand Hearts Ring
  • 791242CZ
    Interlocking Hearts Dangle Charm Silver
    Interlocking Hearts Dangle Charm Rose Gold
    Interlocking Hearts Dangle Charm
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