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Lab-grown diamonds for every day.
For every look. For all who dream.

Lab-grown diamonds are as stunning and real as their natural counterparts with the same sparkle, clarity and chemical make-up. Choose certified lab diamond jewelry by Pandora, for a sustainable and affordable choice that shines as bright as you. Each hand-set stone is individually crafted with remarkable cut, color and clarity.

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128 Results

A Sustainable Choice

We aspire to bring our jewelry to you and your loved ones in a sustainable way. All our lab-grown diamond jewelry use 100% recycled gold, white gold and sterling silver. We are proud to partner with a supplier that uses 100% renewable energy to produce diamonds, and, therefore, our diamonds have 5% the CO2 emissions of the average mined diamonds.


Why choose Pandora lab-grown diamonds?

Sustainably lab-created diamonds

Certified Diamonds

Pandora follows international diamond industry association standards. All stones at 0.50 ct. and above are IGI-certified.


Official Certificate

Each lab-grown stone is accompanied by a certificate highlighting its exceptional standard of quality and grading.

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Sustainable Packaging

All Pandora Lab-Grown Diamonds arrive individually packaged in luxurious, sustainably-produced boxes. Ready-to-gift, our packaging is crafted from recycled cardboard, FSC paper, RPET material and water based varnish.


Explore our enchanting collection of lab-grown diamond jewelry, including stunning diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Our exquisite collection showcases the brilliance and allure of diamond jewelry that resonates with both ethics and elegance.

Discover lab-grown diamond jewelry that complements your unique style, available both online and in stores near you. From unique lab-created diamond jewelry sets to the richness of white gold, sterling silver and gold diamond jewelry, each piece is a masterpiece that balances craftsmanship and sustainability beautifully.

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