How to clean jewelry

From that treasured necklace to your favourite rings, discover our complete guide to cleaning your Pandora jewelry. Here we answer the most common questions about caring for your jewelry pieces.

Why is my jewelry tarnishing?

Are you worried about your jewelry tarnishing? When silver is exposed to air over a longer period of time, it's likely to oxidise and turn a darker color. Don’t worry, though. This is absolutely normal, and it doesn’t mean you aren’t looking after your jewelry properly

To restore its original look, you can use an at-home natural jewelry cleaner set. The Pandora Care Kit is specially designed to make your favourite pieces bright and shiny again. Simply place your ring, bracelet, necklace, earrings or charm in the jewelry cleaning solution for a few minutes. After you take it out, use the small brush to loosen any dirt.

Next, dry and buff it with the white side of the polishing cloth. After that, your silver jewelry pieces will look as good as new again. Whether you’re looking for a silver jewelry cleaner or a gold jewelry cleaner, our Care Kit will help maintain all types of jewelry.

How to clean and maintain Pandora jewelry

Polish your Pandora jewellery frequently with the Care Kit’s soft polishing cloth to maintain its shine. You can use this to clean Pandora rings, bracelets, charms, necklaces, pendants and earrings. Whether you’re looking for a sterling silver jewellery cleaner or a gold jewellery cleaner, our Care Kit will help maintain all Pandora materials and stones.

Remember not to use any harsh abrasives when cleaning your Pandora jewelry. Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners, which may cause damage. A polishing cloth cannot remove any scratches, so make sure to handle your jewelry with care. Be careful not to knock it against hard surfaces as this could damage it.

Cleaning silver jewelry

Buff your sterling silver pieces with the white side of the polishing cloth – it's infused with a gentle cleaning solution that’s specifically formulated for silver metal.

Cleaning gold jewelry

Wondering how to go about cleaning gold jewelry? For plated metals, such as 14k rose gold-plated and 14k gold-plated, simply use the untreated pink side of the polishing cloth. Gently clean your jewelry to restore its dazzling shine.

Cleaning gemstones

Immerse gemstones in the liquid cleaning solution and polish them using the cloth. When using Pandora’s mild cleaning solution, leave jewelry to soak for approximately two minutes and then follow the instructions for polishing.

How often should I clean my jewelry?

If you wear your jewelry every day, it’s a good idea to clean it using the Care Kit every two weeks.

We recommend having your Pandora jewelry pieces checked by a jeweller once a year. If you’re looking for where to get rings cleaned or where to get jewelry cleaned, your local Pandora store is the place to go for professional cleaning and to check stone settings.

How to care for your jewelry

Store jewelry in a jewelry box

Jewelry boxes are great for keeping different pieces of jewelry separate, which prevents them from damaging one another. They also maintain jewelry by keeping it dust-free

Store jewelry in pouches

Another great way to maintain your jewelry pieces is to store them in robust pouches, which will keep them safe and secure and reduce the risk of any damage.

Remove jewelry before showering

Make sure to remove your jewelry before showering, swimming or sleeping to prevent damage.

Avoid high temperatures

Prolonged exposure to hot weather can lead to discoloration of your jewelry. Make sure to remove it before heading to the beach, for example.

For more advice on how to keep your Pandora jewelry looking as good as new, watch our video below

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