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Pet accessories

Pandora Pet
Collar Guide

How to add pet collar tags to your pet collar

For added durability, the split ring on the Pandora pet collar is purposefully difficult to open why we recommend using a Pandora Split Ring Opener. Make sure you have removed the collar from your pet before you start.

Step 1

Remove the pet collar from your pet.

Step 2

Slide the tool between the opening on the split ring to make space to add your engravable Pet Collar Tag.

Step 3

Slide the jump ring of the pet collar tag onto the split ring.

Step 4

Turn the split ring and the jump ring in opposite directions to screw the tag onto the split ring.

Step 5

The Pet Collar Tag is now securely attached to the Pet Collar.

Care for your pet collar


Leather-free fabric

Leather-free fabric, also known as 'faux leather' or animal-free leather, requires proper care, as it is different from natural leather. It is made up of 76% bio-based fibers and corn-based resins covered with a viscose base fabric sourced in Europe. It has an antibacterial, antimicrobial treatment to make it extra resistant to could and bacteria.

Care & maintenance

Due to its permeable nature, leather-free fabric should be protected from direct heat, chemicals and water. It is recommended to clean our leather-free fabric with a dry cloth or soft brush. Should it become wet, dry it immediately with a soft dry cloth. Avoid all cosmetic products and perfume, as these can be a factor.