How to stack bracelets

Stacking bracelets together is a simple way to elevate your outfit. Whether you go big and bold or simple and understated, a layered look is a great way to experiment and showcase your personal style.

Looking for fresh bracelet stacking ideas? Our guide explores how to expertly layer up your accessories. From mixing metals to choosing a statement bracelet, create your own stacked look with our tips and tricks.

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What are stacking bracelets?

Stacking bracelets are any type of bracelets worn together to create a layered look. A stack is two or more bracelets that sit closely together.

The best thing about a bracelet stack is that it’s unique to you. You can mix bracelets that are similar in style or totally different. We love styling a look with all silver accessories or combining sterling silver and rose gold bracelets. Or, mix and match materials by pairing metal bracelets with leather styles – this is your chance to get creative! Follow our simple tips to create your own stack.

Most popular bracelets for stacking

How many bracelets should you wear?

Choosing how many bracelets to combine, depends on whether your style is “less is more” or “more is more”. A good starting point is to cover around one-third of your forearm. Remember, you can always add more or dial back depending on the look you want to create.

Consider the thickness of each bracelet, too. If you’re stacking larger bracelets, three to five pieces will create a balanced look. With smaller, thinner bracelets, there’s room to layer more if you want to.

How to create mixed metal bracelet stacks

A mixed metal stack is a great way to showcase your individuality. Give your inner stylist free rein by layering bracelets in different metals, like combining a 14k gold bangle and a sterling silver charm bracelet. How many metals you use and how you layer them is totally up to you – style it your way.

Consider what you usually wear

When you’re creating your mixed metal look, think about what you usually wear. If you prefer silver jewelry, why not layer a sterling silver charm bracelet with a slim 14k gold bangle? You could even choose two-tone jewelry to add to the layered look.

Aim for balance

When mixing metals, as in life, it’s good to aim for balance! A good trick is to combine two bracelets in one metal and two bracelets in another. Most importantly, let your personality lead the way.

Choose a standout piece for your bracelet stack

One key tip is to choose a standout bracelet as the main piece in your stack. Use this focal point as the base for the rest of your bracelets. It could be a colorful bracelet or crafted in a different material to the rest.

A charm bracelet makes the perfect statement piece – load it up with vibrant charms for a meaningful and impactful look. Or choose a lab-grown diamond bracelet for a touch of sparkle or a leather bracelet to add texture. For a coordinated look, choose a statement bracelet that matches other elements of your outfit.

How to layer Pandora bracelets

Time to apply the art of stacking to your Pandora collection. Follow our steps to create your own unique stack with Pandora bracelets.

Step 1: Select your metals

Is gold jewelry your thing, or do you love the look of sterling silver? It helps to decide which metals you want to use before building your stack. A stack in matching metals is great for a coordinated look, or switch it up with Pandora bracelets in different metals.

Step 2: Choose a focal point

A focal bracelet is an important element of the stack, so choose something that will steal the spotlight. A link chain bracelet can make a big impact – like the bold designs in our Pandora ME collection. Or, look for a bracelet with a sparkling, colourful stone that represents your month.

Step 3: Build the rest of the stack

Once you’ve chosen your centrepiece, it’s time to build the rest of your stack. Our Pandora Signature I-D Bangle is one of the easiest pieces to stack, available in several different metals. Play around with the order of your bracelets until you love what you’ve created.

Stacking bracelets is easy when you know how. Love a layered look? Follow our tips for stacking rings and layering necklaces for more styling inspiration.