Be a trendsetter

Top 2024 trends

From the re-emergence of silver to bold, colorful pieces and personalized engravings, here are the top Pandora jewelry trends to keep on your radar in 2024.

The trend is in

Say it with silver

Explore our collection of striking sterling silver charms, earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets that are trending in 2024. Stack your favorite pieces to add a new dimension to your look.


Make a sterling impression

Be bold. Be colorful.

The forecast looks bright

What's in the forecast? Color: Go bold with your accessory choices this season. The brighter the colors, the sweeter the impact. From vivid enamel rings to shiny stacked looks, add a splash of colour to your wardrobe for that trendsetting style.


Show your true colours

Colourful jewely styles

Nothing guarantees a good time like a bit of extra sparkle. Add some color to your ensemble to ensure you shine bright in 2024 and beyond. Think: a colorful stack of enamel rings to enhance your look and make your style stand out. Without further ado, check out the most loved (and most colourful) jewelry trends in 2024. Browse our curated collection of bright enamel pieces to add the perfect pop of color to your style and stay on-trend.

Personalise your style

Add meaning behind every piece

Personalized jewelry adds that extra bit of meaning to your style, making for the ultimate timeless gift. Whether it’s through the design itself, customizable pieces or engraved looks, the options are endless. Explore our coveted collection of personalized and engraved styles to stay on trend.


Get up close and personal

Things just got personal

Wear your story on your sleeve

Personalized jewelry is the standout trend of 2024. And why else? It's incredibly empowering to wear an accessory that represents who you are and what you stand for. Whether you're customizing your own piece or rocking personalized, engraved jewelry, you can share a snippet of your personality, your life story or your favorite things. Even if it's only you who understands the true meaning of your jewelry pieces, it feels good to wear them proudly and share a bit of you to the world. Make it personal Discover our coveted collection of personalized and engravable charms, bracelets and necklaces to add extra love and laughter to your jewelry and make it mean so much more.