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How to choose wedding jewelry

We heard you’re getting married? First of all, congratulations! Your wedding day is one of the most memorable moments of your life. We know that every detail has a part to play in making your big day special, from the venue to the dress. And, of course, you’ll want to think about what type of jewelry to wear, whether that means understated stud earrings or a statement necklace.

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How to choose your wedding jewelry

When choosing your wedding day jewelry, remember to trust your instincts. After all, you know which pieces best complement your style and personality, whether that’s gold or silver jewelry.
As the bride, you’ll want to think about your overall look, including your dress and hairstyle. Read on as we talk about each element of your bridal look.

Your wedding dress

Have you said yes to the dress? Great start! Before choosing your jewelry, think about the shape, style and shade of your wedding dress to help decide which accessories will complement it best.

The wedding hair

Your wedding hairstyle will help you choose which bridal jewelry to wear on the big day. There are two key things to consider: whether you’ll be wearing your hair up or down and whether you’ll be wearing an accessory like a veil or tiara. 
An up-do is your chance to showcase statement earrings, like sparkling drop or hoop styles. If you’re wearing your hair down, go for stud earrings to add elegance to your ensemble. Planning on wearing a tiara or veil? For a coordinated look, make sure your jewelry matches the material of the headpiece.

Jewelry metals and materials

For a statement look, matching your jewelry metals will always make an impact. If you have a gold engagement and wedding ring, stick to the theme by wearing all gold jewelry on your wedding day. If your wedding and engagement rings are silver, white gold or platinum, sterling silver jewelry will pair beautifully to create an all-over styling. Or, if you prefer to mix it up, why not create a mixed-metal look that speaks to your personal style?
Think about the material of your wedding dress, too. For example, beaded wedding dresses look beautiful complemented by treated freshwater cultured pearl earrings or a pearl necklace.
Not sure what size necklace you need? Use our helpful necklace size guide to find out.

Simple or statement wedding day jewelry?

When deciding between simple or statement wedding day jewelry, think about your personal style and what you usually wear. If statement jewelry is your thing, choose big, impactful pieces for your big day. This way, you’ll wear your wedding jewelry again and again, reminding you of this special moment in your life. Another key tip is to create a balanced look and choose accessories that complement one another.

Wedding day diamonds

Diamond jewelry adds a dazzling touch to your wedding day look. If you’ll be wearing a crystal-embellished dress, a diamond necklace or earrings will complement the sparkle of these beautiful details. The exquisite lab-grown diamond pieces in our lab-grown diamond collection feature a modern infinity inspired design – a symbol of your eternal connection to wear on your special day.
Want to find out more about lab-grown diamonds? Our in-depth guide has everything you need to know.

Wedding traditions

Tradition says the bride should wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue on her wedding day. And if you think a piece of jewellery is the perfect ""something new"", well, we’d have to agree! You even could combine “something new” and “something blue” by selecting an elegant pendant necklace with a blue stone.
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Now you’ve read our tips for how to choose your wedding jewelry, explore our wedding and bridal range to create your own bridal look. Happy planning!