Lab Grown Diamond Earrings

Sustainable, ethical and crafted to perfection, discover our range of lab-grown diamond earrings, part of the Pandora Lab-Grown Diamondscollections. Our diamond earrings are individually crafted using exacting standards and showcase exceptional quality.

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27 Results





27 Results

Why choose Pandora lab-grown diamonds?

Sustainably lab-created diamonds

Certified Diamonds

Pandora follows international diamond industry association standards. All stones at 0.50 ct. and above are IGI-certified.


Official Certificate

Each lab-grown stone is accompanied by a certificate highlighting its exceptional standard of quality and grading.

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Sustainable Packaging

All Pandora Lab-Grown Diamonds arrive individually packaged in luxurious, sustainably-produced boxes. Ready-to-gift, our packaging is crafted from recycled cardboard, FSC paper, RPET material and water based varnish.


Explore the enchanting world of lab-grown diamond earrings. Our diamond earrings are a testament to both elegance and ethics, offering a range of captivating options to adorn your ears.

From delicate lab-created diamond stud earrings to the timeless allure of diamond hoop earrings, you’re sure to find a piece that compliments your style. Discover the understated charm of small diamond earrings or the mesmerizing beauty of diamond drop earrings, each piece meticulously crafted to capture the brilliance of lab-grown diamonds.

Elevate your style with the gleam of gold diamond earrings or explore our range of sterling silver or white gold diamond earrings. Curious about keeping your earrings sparkling? Learn the art of maintaining their brilliance with our guide on how to clean diamond earrings.