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It's Aries

Zodiac of the month

Passionate, bold, and confident, the Aries in your life can always be counted on to be a natural leader filled with great energy. Known for fiery impulses and driven determination, March's fire sign is represented by a strong and powerful ram and vibrant shades of aquamarine. Whether a token of self-love or gift to a cherished loved one, you can never lose with our selection of Aries-themed jewelry.

Style Your Sign

The first sign of the zodiac, Aries demands your attention. Fiercely ambitious and unabashedly passionate, Aries make a statement wherever they go. For a bold and confident look, consider styling silver or gold jewelry with a combination of zodiac charms, symbols, and letters. Add pizazz to your look with vibrant Murano glass charms or stack mixed metals in different lengths and textures to really turn some heads. Don't forget to inject a pop of color with this month's go-to — aquamarine.


Embrace Your Star Sign


Color of the Month

The Stars Don't Lie

For those born under the powerful fire sign, aquamarine helps offset the heat, calm your emotions, purify your energy, and soothe your mind. Not only that, accessorizing with your zodiac sign’s power color enables you to align with your truest essence. So, whether you’re looking for a single piece to wear every day or you’re an Aries who wants to "wow" at a special occasion, our celestial-themed aquamarine charms hold a little more meaning than just a beautiful accessory.

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Wear Your Story

Each of us has a personal story to tell. Whether it's the story of our lives, our loves, or our journey, it's yours to tell. Spell out the words that mean the most to you with our letter charms and wear a reminder of your bold and confident nature wherever your story takes you.