Infinity jewelry gift guide

Infinity jewelry is a powerful symbol of eternal love and devotion. These symbolic pieces make meaningful gifts for the love of your life, a best friend or a beloved family member. Looking for the perfect piece of infinity jewelry to gift to a special someone? In this guide, we’ll explore the story behind this symbol, the Pandora jewelry designs it has inspired, and how to care for them. Read on to find a gift your loved one will treasure.

Most popular infinity jewelry gifts

What does the infinity symbol mean?

The infinity symbol looks like a horizontal figure of eight. It’s been used decoratively since ancient times but became more well-known in the 1600s when English mathematician John Wallis started using it to represent a potential infinity.
Today, the infinity symbol has made the leap from the pages of a mathematics textbook into our daily lives, becoming a more general symbol of eternity and limitless potential.

Infinity jewelry meaning

A mathematical symbol may not sound all that romantic, but it’s become something so much deeper. The infinity symbol is now used to represent endless love – especially in jewelry. The beautiful geometry of the infinity shape and its rich symbolism has made it a popular motif in jewelry designs, giving us a way to express our love and commitment with meaningful and thoughtfully crafted pieces.
From your partner to your best friend, everyone deserves some infinity styles in their jewelry box.

When gifting infinity jewelry, you want the timing to be just right – and we’re here to help. Although these pieces are a wonderful surprise year-round (what could be more romantic than a spontaneous present?), there are a few classic occasions to think about:

Whether it’s been a year or a decade since you tied the knot, gift infinity jewellery to honour the occasion

Gift an infinity ring or necklace to make this year’s birthday truly unforgettable

Wrap up a beautiful jewelry piece and put it under the tree to make this Christmas the best one yet

The infinity heart

Combining two classic symbols, the infinity heart motif is a powerful representation of eternal love. Featuring a heart shape with an infinity loop entwined through it, the symbolism and fluid symmetry of the shapes make this a beautiful design that features on many Pandora pieces, from charms to necklaces and sparkling stud earrings.

Shop Pandora infinity jewelry

Searching for a gift to show someone how much they mean to you? Meet our Pandora infinity jewelry styles. For a matching look, think about gifting a thoughtfully styled jewelry set that they can wear together.

Infinity necklaces

Looking for something they can wear every day? An infinity chain necklace might be the perfect gift. Choose from chunky or minimalist chains to find a design your other half will adore.

Infinity bracelets

We love stacking bracelets. If your partner or best friend does too, why not add to their look with an infinity bracelet? Look out for bangles and chain bracelets with infinity charms and clasps.
Or is your special someone a dedicated charm collector? If so, an infinity charm for their Pandora charm bracelet would make a thoughtful addition to their collection. It’s a love-filled gift that will make them smile every time they see it on their bracelet.

Infinity rings

An infinity ring is the ultimate romantic gift. Often given as anniversary presents, infinity rings symbolize love and devotion throughout the years (or decades!) that have passed since you recited your vows. If you have an anniversary coming up, what could be more romantic than an infinity ring?
Shop our range for the perfect ring, with infinity styles in sterling silver and 14k gold plating. Find a design that celebrates your lasting commitment and their personal style – like a ring embellished with sparkling cubic zirconia or a subtle band design.

Infinity earrings

For an essential staple piece they can wear 24/7, it has to be our subtle stud earrings. From 14k rose gold-plated or gold-plated finishes to sterling silver, there’s a tone to suit every complexion and style.

How to care for infinity jewelry

Keep their infinity pieces looking fabulous with our care kit. Whether you choose sterling silver, 14k gold-plated or rose gold-plated pieces, our kit will maintain their new jewelry’s shine.
Learn how to store jewelry and explore our cleaning guide for expert care tips. For more hand-finished pieces, take a look at our latest jewelry releases.