Product codes

Pandora Products Codes

A SKU stands for a Pandora's Stock Keeping Unit. The Stock Keeping Unit identifies each distinct product. When you know the particulars of the Pandora SKU, it makes it easier to identify important facts about the products.



1 Rings

2 Earrings

3 Necklaces with pendants, single pendants and single necklaces

5 Bracelets

6 Brooches and Pins

7 Charms

8 Accessories


5 14k gold/585

6 Pandora Shine

7 18k gold/750

8 Pandora Rose

9 Sterling silver/925


• Stone

• Finishing

• Leather

• Color

More than 300 aliases.

See List of Pandora Codes at the end of the Jewelry Guide for more details.

Size of Jewelry

• Ring sizes (46-64)

• Chain lengths

• Bracelet lengths

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